User Manual

  1. Download the latest version of Sharding-Proxy from
  2. If using docker´╝îexecute command docker pull shardingsphere/sharding-proxy to get image. More details please referenceDocker Image.
  3. Modify the conf/config.yaml file after decompression, and configure the sharding rule and master-slave rule. Please reference Configuration Manual. If you want to use self-defined configuration file,
  4. Run bin/ on Linux, or bin/start.bat on Windows to start Sharding-Proxy. If you want to set port and configuration file, please refer to quick-start.
  5. Connect to it by means of any client tools, e.g. mysql -u root -h -P3307


  1. The default port of Sharding-Proxy is 3307, user can change it by passing the port number on startup script, e.g. bin/ 3308.
  2. The default configuration file is conf/config.yaml, user can can change it by passing the file name on startup script, e.g. bin/ 3308 config_master_slave.yaml
  3. There is only one logical data source in Sharding-Proxy, named sharding_db.
  4. You can configure the username and password in conf/config.yaml for Sharding-Proxy, therefore you can login with the username and password to connected.