Sharding-JDBC is first project of Sharding-Sphere, it is precursor of Sharding-Sphere. It uses JDBC to connect databases without redirect cost for java application, best performance for production.

  • ORM compatible. JPA, Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring JDBC Template or JDBC supported.
  • Connection-pool compatible. DBCP, C3P0, BoneCP, Druid supported.
  • Multi SQL-based databases compatible. Any Database supported theoretically. Support MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer and PostgreSQL right now.

Sharding-JDBC Architecture


Sharding-JDBC Sharding-Proxy Sharding-Sidecar
Database Any MySQL MySQL
Connections Cost More Less More
Heterogeneous Language Java Only Any Any
Performance Low loss High loss Low loss
Centre-less Yes No No
Static Entry No Yes No

Sharding-JDBC is suitable for java only application.