Supported Registry Centers


Service Provider Interface (SPI) is an API intended to be implemented or extended by a third party. It can be used to enable framework extension and replaceable components.

Sharding-Sphere loads the registry by using SPI for database orchestration to do circuit breaking and disable databases. Currently, Sharding-Sphere supports two popular registries, Zookeeper and Etcd. In addition, you can use other third-party registries and inject them into Sharding-Sphere via SPI for database orchestration.

When you need to use the Sharding-Sphere built-in registry implementation solutions, Maven artifactId should be added to introduce the corresponding registry implementation solution for databases orchestration.


Sharding-Sphere adopts Apache Curator as Zookeeper implementation solution. Please use Zookeeper 3.4.6 and above, and refer to official website.


Sharding-Sphere adopts Etcd as Etcd implementation solution. Please use Etcd V3 and above, and refer to official website.


Please implement the logic coding using SPI.