Project Management Committee (PMC)

As a PMC member, you must contribute codes and maintain features and modules of the software, as well as participate in the project management and ecosystem construction work. According to the duties you have undertaken, you can acquire the following rights:

  1. Take charge of all the projects/repositories in Sharding-Sphere organization and govern them.

  2. The right to edit all the repositories.

  3. The right to merge pull request.

  4. The right to vote for promoting a contributor to be a committer or PMC member.

  5. The right to start a vote for the promotion of a contributor to a committer or PMC member, and the discussion of pull request or feature.

Current Project Management Committee List (in chronological order) is as follow:

  • 张亮, Liang Zhang, @terrymanu Java and architect expert, JD

  • 曹昊, Hao Cao, @haocao Senior Architect, Dangdang

  • 吴晟, Sheng Wu, @wu-sheng APM and tracing expert, Apache SkyWalking(incubator) creator & PMC member

  • 高洪涛, Hongtao Gao, @hanahmily Database and APM expert, Apache SkyWalking(incubator) PMC member

  • 史海峰, Haifeng Shi, @PegasusS 2B2C CTO, BeiKe Finance

  • 张小虎, Xiaohu Zhang, @pottieva Ex-Director, Bestpay


Sharding-Sphere needs voting under various situations, according to which, votes may be from phone, e-mail or certain voting systems. Voters can reply “agree, yes, +1”, “disagree, no, -1”, or “abstain”. When the “agree” vote takes two-thirds of the total vote, it is passed, whereas the “abstain” vote is equal to not voting at all.

Internal Committer

  • 张永伦, Yonglun Zhang, @tuohai666 Senior engineer, JD

  • 潘娟, Juan Pan, @tristaZero Senior DBA, JD

  • 赵俊, Jun Zhao, @cherrylzhao Senior engineer, JD

  • 岳令, Ling Yue, @ling.yue QA Engineer, Dangdang

  • 陈清阳, QingYang Chen, @beckhampu Senior engineer, Bestpay

External Committer

Mailing List