Project Management Committee (PMC)

As a member of PMC, you must contribute and maintain the features or modules, and also take part in project management and building the eco-system. Because of that, you have following rights:

  1. In charged with responsibility and governance for all projects/repositories in Sharding organization.

  2. Edit rights for all repositories.

  3. Merge right for pull request.

  4. Vote right for promoting contributor to Committer Team and PMC.

  5. Start a vote for promoting contributor to Committer Team and PMC, pull request or feature discussion.

The current Project Management Committee is as follows (in chronological order):

  • 张亮, Liang Zhang, @terrymanu Java and architect expert, Jingdong

  • 曹昊, Hao Cao, @haocao Senior Architect, Dangdang

  • 吴晟, Sheng Wu, @wu-sheng APM and tracing expert, Apache SkyWalking(incubator) creator & PMC member

  • 高洪涛, Hongtao Gao, @hanahmily Database and APM expert, Apache SkyWalking(incubator) PMC member

  • 史海峰, Haifeng Shi, @PegasusS Ex-Director,

  • 张小虎, Xiaohu Zhang, @pottieva Ex-Director, Orange Finance


In various situations the Sharding shall hold a vote. These votes can happen on the phone, email, or via a voting service, when appropriate. Voters can either respond “agree, yes, +1”, “disagree, no, -1”, or “abstain”. A vote passes with two-thirds vote of votes cast. An abstain vote equals not voting at all.

Internal Committer

External Committer

  • 马晓光, Xiaoguang Ma, @ma-xiao-guang-64 Senior engineer, huimai365

  • 陈清阳, QingYang Chen, @beckhampu Senior engineer, Orange Finance

Mailing List